Minutes of the Meeting of Wednesday December 5, 2001

1. Call to order

President Joe Willer, City of American called the meeting was called to order at 12:40 P.M. at  Cattleman’s Restaurant in Santa Rosa.

2. Self Introductions

Pres. Willer welcomed 14 guests and each member introduced him/herself.

3. Approval of Minutes

A discussion ensued concerning the emailing of the minutes, the opening of minutes once received and the lack of minutes received by hard copy. After a lengthy discussion the minutes were finally approved.

M/s/Passed to accept the minutes as distributed.

4. Program

The program was cancelled to allow for the steering committees to report back and the chapter to define its future course and plan the coming year.

5. Officers and Committee Reports

a. Treasurer

Treasurer Chris Warrick reported that the CD’s value is now up to $1180.18. He did not receive the bank statements in the mail, so the checking, money market and educational account balances are unknown at this point.

b. Secretary

                Mary Jane Fagalde, was absent and no report was submitted.

c. Vice President

                 Vice President Chris Warrick had nothing to report.

d. President

President Joe Willer announced the results of the executive emergency meeting. He informed the group that elections were held and the following officers will serve for the year 2002.

President-------------------------------------Chris Warrick, County of Mendocino

Vice President------------------------------Mary Jane Fagalde, County of Lake

Secretary-------------------------------------Ed Henry, County of Marin

Treasurer-------------------------------------Joe Willer, City of American Canyon

e. Executive Committee

Joe Willer announced that the executive committee would be meeting in December prior to the installation of officers and the commencement of the new year.

f. Education Committee

Ed Henry made his last announcement for the December 11, 2001 seminar on the energy changes in accordance with AB970. The cost is $20.00 and the price includes the seminar, lunch and breaks.

g. Code Development Committee


Nothing to report.


h. ICBO Committee


Nothing to report.


i. CALBO Liaison

Steve Jensen, County of Marin, reported that he has been attending the Building Standards Commission committee meetings concerning the State Fire Marshal’s proposed changes to the California building and fire codes. He indicated that the final results of these meetings were voted upon at the Building Standards Commission meeting on November 28. Some of the items approved by the Commission included terminology changes such as the use of the term “smoke alarms” instead of “smoke detectors” and other minor changes to the 1997 Uniform Building Code, which will be effective approximately July of 2002. A major change was that was approved was a requirement that automatic fire sprinklers be required on all R-1 occupancies containing over 5 residential units.

The California Building Officials has sent a letter to all of it’s members stating the following five affirmations.

1. CALBO supports a correlated set of codes.

2. CALBO supports the “governmental consensus process” as identified by the International Code Council (ICC).

3. The CALBO Board recognizes and understands that the political reality in California may influence the adoption of code in California.

4. The CALBO Board will make every effort to communicate with the CALBO membership as to the political climate in Sacramento.

5. The CALBO Board will strive to continue its working relationship with all stakeholder organizations.

6. Correspondence and Announcements

Santa Rosa is looking for a Building Inspector and a Building Plans Checker.

7. Legislative News

Tom Carlton, City of Lakeport, reported on two bills in the legislature concerning mold. The bills were discussed and the matter of jurisdiction and enforcement was brought up. The matter will be discussed again when more information is provided.


8. Old Business

Ed Henry reported on two place found to accommodate our group for the monthly lunch meeting. Neither place required a minimum or would charge for the room. Both places had rooms that could be completely closed off from the rest of the restaurant. There was a lengthy discussion concerning the dates, days and times of our next few meetings. The problem of coordinating with the Fire Prevention Officers of Marin and Sonoma counties to adjust our meeting and lunch times to coincide with theirs is unresolved at this time.

M/s/Passed to keep the same date (first Wednesday of the month), the same time (twelve noon) and the same location (Cattleman’s Santa Rosa).

9. New Business

A committee is currently working on changing the REICBO bylaws. If you have any information on the current by laws as adopted in 1993, please bring any and all material you have to the next meeting.

REICBO now has a webpage, so, log on. Designed and initiated by our own Larry Jones, City of Santa Rosa, the site is extremely easy to navigate and contains a myriad of information. The group showed Larry its appreciation by a nice round of applause. From this month on it will also contain the minutes of the previous meeting. So there will be no more hard copy minutes mailed to the members.


10. Adjournment

M/s/Passed to adjourn the meeting at 2:15

Respectfully submitted by Ed Henry