Minutes of the Meeting of Wednesday December 4, 2002

1. Call to order

President Chris Warrick, County of Mendocino, called the meeting to order at 12:17 P.M. at The Quail Inn at the Oakmont Golf Center.

2. Self Introductions

Pres. Warrick welcomed 18 members and called for self-introductions.

3. Approval of Minutes

Ed Henry stated that he had made the corrections that were e-mailed to him prior to the meeting. Additional corrections were proposed at the meeting. For a copy of the corrected minutes go to the website at (

M/s/Passed to accept the minutes as corrected.

4. Program

The program was moved to the end of the business meeting due to need to conduct the election of officers.

5. Officers and Committee Reports

a. Treasurer

Tres.Willer, City of American Canyon, reported the balances as of the November meeting and later submitted the current balances to the secretary. Current statements area as follows: the checking account balance is $2,440.69; the money market account is $2,663.75; the education fund is $3042.16; and the CD is $11,297.48.

b. Secretary

Nothing to Report

c. Vice President

Nothing to Report

d. President

Nothing to Report

e. Executive Committee

Has not met, but will set an executive meeting for the transition.

f. Education Committee

The committee members present were Ed Henry, Cindy Heitzman, Daryl Phillips, and Larry Jones .

Daryl reported that we have confirmed dates for February and March for the 2001 California Building Code updates. Arranged through ICBO, each seminar will be a one-day program and be presented on two consecutive days so that larger offices will not have to deplete their department of all staff for the training. The seminars are scheduled as follows:
Non-structural, presented by Ken Larsen, will be held February 13th and 14th;
Structural, presented by Jerry Neville, will be March 20th and 21st.
Daryl Phillips reported on current site and price negotiations with the Vineyard Creek Hotel. Other locations that may be able to accommodate with better prices are also being considered.

Ed reported that arrangements have been made with CALBO and Dave Martinez for an ATC-20 course to be presented in the Dohn Room at the Steel Lane Community Center on January 30th. The room can accommodate one-hundred participants. Dave stated the City of Santa Rosa will provide the room, set-up, and morning coffee and tea, opening the room at 7:30 a.m. Coastland will sponsor the lunches. Daryl said the Philips group will find a sponsor for the breaks. Ed will arrange for flyers to be prepared for sending or e-mailing to members, other Chapters and interested parties.

Ed and Cindy are working to set up an NEC update seminar to be scheduled for April or May. This program may be facilitated by NFPA in cooperation with CALBO, on behalf of the State. There may be a ten dollar per person charge. Details are being worked out for dates, loci, number of seminars, etc.

Cindy reported that Pat Barnes has volunteered for the Education Committee.

g. Code Development Committee

Nothing to Report

h. CALBO Report

Dave Martinez attended the Building Standards Commission meeting on 12/3 in Sacramento. L.A. Basin and Peninsula Chapters are proposing 31 code amendments related to seismic issues. BSC wants to set up a committee made up of CALBO, AIA, SEAOC, SFM, OSHPD, DSA, & HCD representatives to review & report back in February or March, 2003. Most of these changes will probably go forward to adoption within the next six months. SFM pulled his amendments and will bring back next year. The Coordinating Council was directed to compare Building Codes, NFPA 5000 v. IBC, and to make a recommendation (choice) in June of 2003. After a mandatory year for working on changes (June '04), and a year for noticing (June '05), and time for publishing, ideally we can have a Building Code ready for adoption in June 2006. That would be the 2004 Codes. They are asking for committee volunteers from these same organizations (above) to help make the initial reviews of NFPA 5000 and IBC. The issue of the Code being two cycles out of date relates to the need for the above mentioned seismic amendments and the possibility that FEMA may feel that our antiquated Code precludes their responsibility to cover losses in the event of disaster.

i. ICBO Report

No report.

j. Location Committee

No report given. PLEASE NOTE: Meetings will be held on first TUESDAYS.

The January meeting on Tuesday, January 7th, will be held at the Vineyard Creek Hotel in Santa Rosa, at the corner of 3rd and Old Redwood Highway. We have a private room and the Phillips Group is picking up the luncheon cost.

The February meeting will be held Tuesday, February 4th, at Lund's Café in Petaluma at 1096 Petaluma Blvd. North, across the street from the police station.

Tentatively, the April 1st meeting is scheduled to be held at Rings Restaurant in the Embassy Suites Hotel at 101 McInnis Parkway, San Rafael.

6. Correspondence and Announcements

Cindy mentioned a conversation with ABAG earthquake programs coordinator Jeannie Perkins regarding ABAG sponsorship of homeowner training for seismic retrofitting. They would present a program in the North Bay if there is enough interest.

7. Old Business

Links to other chapters are available on our website (

8. New Business


9. Legislative News


10. Code Issues

The question of where to require exit signage in department stores prior to and after installation of display furniture / aisles arose. The issue is problematic for the safety of customers as well as firefighters.

Wiring of straw bale construction was discussed. NM cable is allowed set into a groove in the bale, as the interior plaster provides protection. Exterior walls do not receive a moisture barrier - the wall must breath and drain - however this is not considered a wet location by most jurisdictions.

Solar PV arrays on rooftops were discussed. The increased load may require engineering if the weight is substantial. There are also potential design issues if the panels are raised so that they may be subjected to wind lift. Other concerns are zoning issues, pole mounting, damage to rafters from lag screws / fasteners. It is appropriate to request detailed plans. A more hazardous problem relates to the conductor protection during fire-fighting. Rooftop / panel emergency power disconnection is problematic as the only disconnect is at the panel.

The conflict over which method to use for calculating failure for out-of-plane wall connectors, (140% v. 85%). There does not appear to be consistency in the code.

11. Elections

The new slate of nominees was elected as follows:

Treasurer - Daryl Phillips
Secretary - Tom Carlton                       
Vice President - Bill Schulz                   
President - Ed Henry


                                        M/s/Passed to elect all.


Outgoing President Chris Warrick was presented with a plaque. Thanks Chris !

12. Adjournment

M/s/Passed to adjourn the meeting at 1:55 P.M.