Minutes of the Meeting of Wednesday August 7, 2002

1. Call to order

President Chris Warrick, County of Mendocino called the meeting was called to order at 12:00 P.M. at The Quail Inn at the Oakmont Golf Center.

2. Self Introductions

Pres. Warrick welcomed 11 members to the meeting.

3. Approval of Minutes

Corrections were taken over the net and the minutes were corrected and distributed by email and posted to the web site. (

M/s/Passed to accept the minutes as distributed.

4. Program

There was no program as the guest speaker did not show up for the meeting.

5. Officers and Committee Reports

a. Treasurer

Treasurer Willer, City of American Canyon, gave the balances as follows; the checking account balance is $2665.34, the business account is $2797.52, the education fund is $3040.16 and the CD is $11,155.92.

b. Secretary

The secretary arrived late and was just in time to eat and run. Larry Jones was kind enough to record the meeting for the secretary and the secretary thanks him for a job well done.

c. Vice President

Vice President Mary Jane Fagalde, County of Lake, has been promoted to the position of Planning Director of Lake County and no longer functions as the Chief Building Inspector. She has resigned as Vice President and the Chapter needs a volunteer to assume the duties of the V.P. until the first of the year when new elections are held and new officers are elected. The current duties of the V.P. are to schedule the meeting speakers. This duty will be augmented by the board officers to assist the V. P. in any way possible. So come on folks, we need your help, don't wait for someone else to volunteer, you may like it and you will be giving something back to an industry that has treated you well. As Uncle Sam used to say, "We need you." now!

d. President

President Warrick has nothing to report.

e. Executive Committee

Nothing to report.

f. Education Committee

Nothing scheduled for the current quarter, the Education Committee is working with Dave Martinez, City of Santa Rosa to present an NFPA code seminar on the building and electrical codes, but, to date nothing has been confirmed.

g. Code Development Committee

Don Morton reported that the committee is still working on developing a regional standard code amendment package to standardize the amendment process to the California code for the Redwood Empire Chapter.

h. ICBO Committee

Nothing to report.

i. CALBO Liaison

Dave Martinez, City of Santa Rosa, reported that CALBO will have a board meeting next week in Anaheim. CALBO fire committee met last week and the meeting was very productive. The NFPA 5000 will be available for purchase the last week in August or the first two week in September. The fire sprinkler requirement for single family dwellings has been removed from the NFPA 5000. The meeting sparked CALBO board to meet and discuss the possibility of supporting one common code.

6. Correspondence and Announcements

The Northern California Fire Prevention Officer's meeting is in Petaluma this month on the 23 of August at 9.30 a.m. at the Lucchesi Center located on North McDowell opposite the K-Mart/Plaza Shopping Center. If interested either contact Doug Williams or the Nor-Cal Fire Prevention Officer web site link listed on the REICBO link page (

7. Old Business

The location and price of our luncheons was discussed and will remain constant at lease for the next three months with the option of moving if we find a more convenient location. We will continue to discuss the location again and what course to take. In the interim it was suggested that the members continue to look for a central location with a private room and a price that would fit into our budget. If you find a suitable location please contact Ed Henry at

8. New Business

Steve Jensen, County of Marin spoke about the adoption of local amendments to the California Codes. He reported that he attended a fire prevention meeting and the Fire Officials have finalized their local amendments to the code and that building department jurisdictions have until November 1, 2002 to make local amendments to the California State Building Standards and be submitted for adoption. Dave Martinez volunteered to investigate the seminar presented by CALBO on earthquake evaluation, similar to the ATC-20, and the registration provided by CALBO, which is also similar to ATC-20.

9. Legislative News

Nothing to report.

10. Code Issues

Larry Jones taped the showing of the collapse of the WTC and has added the tape to our library. If anyone wants to see it, get a hold of Larry Jones. Mr. Jones' email address can be found on our website which is

11. Election of Officers

The chapter is looking for a volunteer to take the Vice President's position for the remainder of the year. It is not a time demanding position. And the position has the help of the other board members. So if you would like to do your part for the Redwood Empire Chapter of the International Conference of Building Officials now is the time to step up.

12. Adjournment

M/s/Passed to adjourn the meeting at 1:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Ed Henry