Minutes of the Meeting of Tuesday - June 7, 2005


1. Call to order

President Daryl Phillips (The Phillips Group) called the meeting to order at Noon at the Rancho Adobe Fire District, Cotati Station.

2. Self Introductions

Vice President Williams welcomed the 45 attendees and called for self-introductions.

3. Approval of Minutes

Minutes for the May 10, 2005, meeting was not available in time for this meeting.

4. Officers and Committee Reports

a. Treasurer

DeWayne Starnes (County of Sonoma) Reported the balances for the checking account as $6,413.42 and for the CD as $11,667.51.

b. Secretary

Michael Enright (City of Santa Rosa) No report.

c. Vice President

Doug Williams (Rincon Valley Fire) No report.

d. President

Daryl Phillips (The Phillips Group) No report.

e. Executive Committee

Did not meet. No report

f. Education Committee

Did not meet. No report

g. Code Coordination Committee

Did not meet. No report. Michael Whitaker, City of Santa Rosa, asked what other agencies use as criteria for requiring soils reports / foundation designs for residential addition building permit applications. Cliff Kendall, City of Petaluma, said their criterion was that the addition's foundation had to match the existing foundation design. Peter Bruck, City of Rohnert Park, said that if the addition is smaller than 500 sf, then they have to match the existing foundation design or sue the standard pier and grade beam design. If the addition is larger than 500 sf, then they need to design the foundation based on a soils report (unless the building official agrees to waive the report requirement).

h. ICC Liaison

No report.

i. CALBO Liaison

No report.

j. Location Committee

The July meeting will be in Santa Rosa and will include a presentation from the State Architect's Board. The August meeting will include a presentation about the 2004 Electrical Code.

k. Donations Committee

    No report.

5. Correspondence and Announcements


6. Legislative News

Scott Ward, City of Healdsburg, asked how SB 1025, the proposed changes to CBC Chapter 11A concerning multi-level dwellings, applied to townhomes. There was much discussion and attempts to clarify the difference between a R3 occupancy townhome and an R1 occupancy townhome. The general consensus was that the proposed changes only applied to those townhouses that were R1 occupancy types (three or more apartments / 4 or more condominiums). Row house style single family dwellings on individual lots are not subject to the proposed regulations. { Check out the following link for more information: }

7. Code Issues

Ron Averiette, City of Novato, asked about windows near exit doors that appear to be functioning as doors. Consensus was to treat it as a window unless it was actually being used as an exit door (but make sure to check with the local fire marshal).

Joe Kagen, City of Cotati, asked about the effective date of the new energy standards (October 2005).

8. Old Business

Bob Ost, Ost Engineering, brought in additional information about the oversize hole in foundation sill plate problem discussed at the April REACO meeting.

9. Program

Ruben Grijalva, State Fire Marshal, gave a timely, enjoyable and well received presentation about his role as the State Fire Marshal, how he got appointed, short term & long term goals for the coming years and his career as an actor. The following is a brief recap of his presentation (and pales in comparison to the actual presentation).

He was appointed as the State's 13th Fire Marshal (12 Fire Marshals, 1 serving two separate terms) by Governor Schwarzenegger in August 2004. CALBO, BIA and BOMA all supported Ruben's appointment. Prior to his appointment, he was the Fire Chief for the City of Palo Alto. He previously served in various fire and police duties for the City of Sunnyvale. (Ruben also let us know about the financial "benefits" of taking a job with the State.)

The top 5 priorities for the State Fire Marshal's Office are:
Communication with stakeholders.
Code Adoption (adopt the 2006 codes instead of the 2000 or 2003)
Wildland Urban Interface (Phase 2 adoption anticipated in 9/05)
Fireworks help improve disposal methods for illegal fireworks.
Training Bring the training program back under the SFM jurisdiction.

Upcoming issues potentially include having the State Fire Marshal's office involved in the Fire & Life Safety reviews at the Indian Casinos.

Also, the goal is to have the UL300 fire suppression systems at restaurants in compliance by 2008 (based on the newer standards required because of the change in types of oils used for cooking).

Ruben talked about the time he was offered the chance to play himself in a movie about a stalker / hostage situation in Sunnyvale. The movie starred Brooke Shields and Richard Thomas. Unfortunately, Hollywood chose someone else to play Ruben.

The meeting was then opened up to questions from the attendees.

10. New Business


11. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 2:05 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Michael Enright