Minutes of the Meeting of Wednesday June 5, 2002

1. Call to order

President Chris Warrick, County of Mendocino called the meeting to order at 12:03 P.M. at The Quail Inn at the Oakmont Golf Center.

2. Self Introductions

Pres. Warrick welcomed 15 members to the meeting.

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes were accepted as corrected and emailed. (

M/s/Passed to accept the minutes as distributed.

4. Program

The program was presented by our own Dave Martinez, Chief Building Official, City of Santa Rosa. He attended the annual code change meeting of the NFPA. He was a voting member of a panel and a speaker on other code changes.

He elaborated on the process of presenting a supporting or opposing view on a particular comment on a proposal. He informed us of the admittance of members to the voting area and the delegation of others to the gallery. The NFPA has approximately 75,000 members. One of the codes that is being considered is the 2000 edition of the NFPA 5000 Building Code. The NFPA 5000 references 275 other documents such as the ANSI Standards, Uniform Plumbing Code, National Fuel Gas Standard and the ASTM fuel gas book just to mention a few. He mentioned how the chapters of the building code reference other documents and those reference documents are the majority of the code requirements. For example if you are researching exits, you will find seven different definitions of exits and three different definitions of exit discharge. All of the classification of buildings and occupancies will change, so, we will have to get used to a new process of classifying structures and occupancies. There are references to interior environment systems, and how we measure them, including the mechanical system, plumbing system, and electrical system. Each one will refer you to several other documents. The other reference documents may be produced by a number of outside organizations, such as IAPMO, ANSI, ACI or any other nationally recognized organizations that produces standards or writes codes. He spoke of one volume covering all of the proposed changes and another volume that contains the comments on the proposed changes and a third volume with the recommended action. The process seemed quite complicated and laborious. We thank Dave for the complete and comprehensive report on the code change process from NFPA.

5. Officers and Committee Reports

a. Treasurer

Tres.Willer, City of American Canyon, gave the balances as follows; the checking account balance is $1015.45, the business account is $2680.79, the education fund is $3039.13 and the CD is $11189.79. The treasurer has sent out a reminder to the members for those who have not paid their dues. Please remember to pay your dues at the next meeting. I am sending a reminder to all of the recipients of this email minutes that if your dues are not paid by August you will be removed from the membership list, email list of the minutes and any other mailing from REICBO.

b. Secretary

Nothing to report.

c. Vice President

Vice President Mary Jane Fagalde, County of Lake, announced that we now have speakers for the coming three months. Next month the speaker will be from the Regional Water Quality Control Board. The following month will be a representative from Chemco, which treats shakes and shingles for fire resistive rating.

d. President

President Warrick has nothing to report.

e. Executive Committee

Nothing to report.

f. Education Committee

Nothing to report.

g. Code Development Committee

Don Morton reported that the committee is moving along very slowly and will need additional submittals from the members to complete the study.

h. ICBO Committee

Nothing to Report.

i. CALBO Liaison

Nothing to report.

6. Correspondence and Announcements

A survey was received from CALBO requesting a reply concerning the type of offerings in which we would participate. I would like a response be email ( as to what type of courses and seminars you would like to see offered for the coming years training. CTI is going to be putting on seminars and classes at more locations around the state this year and could put on programs at local venues. They are concerned with what type of seminars and classes we would support . So send me your ideas.

Guy Bachelis reminded everyone about the Redwood Empire Chapter of the National Green Building Council Conference and Expo.

Tony DeSousa announced his retirement as of July 31, 2002. He brought some applications for the position and indicated that the application is also on the website which you can find on the Redwood Chapter webpage ( (Secretary's Note) I for one am going to miss his smiling face and helpful input. "Tony, have a great retirement."

7. Legislative News

Nothing to report.

8. Nominating Committee

Nothing to report.

9. Old Business

The bylaws committee has temporarily stalled and we are awaiting the report from Cindy Heitzman, City of St. Helena.

10. New Business

President Warrick brought up the idea of establishing a category on our website for job listing in all jurisdictions within our membership. The members agreed and directed Larry Jones, City of Santa Rosa, to investigate the possibility and the work involved with setting up and maintaining a job listing section on our website. M/s/Passed to applaud Larry Jones for the job he has taken on to design, run and maintain the Redwood Empire Chapter ICBO website. The group directed the secretary to send a letter to all of the neighboring chapters with our website address and to invite them to send us their website address so we can link our chapter website to theirs and theirs to ours. The letter sent to the other chapters is attached to this email minutes. Guy Bachelis elaborated on the Redwood Empire Chapter of the National Green Building Council, what and who is membership, and what each company has to go through to be a member.

11. Code Issues

President Warrick asked the chapter if anyone has had any experience with wine caves. Chris was informed by the state that the division of mines and tunnels cover the boring and the drilling of the access. He has required utility permits for the work completed for electrical, plumbing and mechanical. He received quite a few helpful, and some not so helpful, hints from the members. The consensus was that the actual tunneling and boring is exempt from building code and is under the jurisdiction of the division of mines, but, the shotcrete and steel placement in the cave is covered under the building code and should require permits and comply with all other applicable sections of the code.

12. Adjournment

M/s/Passed to adjourn at 1:59 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Ed Henry