Minutes of the Meeting of Tuesday, June 3, 2003


1. Call to order

President Ed Henry, County of Marin, called the meeting to order at 12:10 P.M. at Marin Joe’s in Corte Madera.

2. Self Introductions

President Henry welcomed twenty attendees and called for self-introductions.

3. Approval of Minutes

Minutes were posted at the website, corrections made and e-mailed to all prior to the meeting. For a copy of past minutes and agendas, go to the website at (
M/s/Passed to accept the minutes as posted / sent.

4. Officers and Committee Reports

a. Treasurer

Daryl Phillips reported that he has received a check from CALBO for $4,740 (for the ATC-20 training seminar) which will be deposited shortly, bringing total assets in CD and checking to $21,019.41.

b. Secretary

No report

c. Vice President

No report.

d. President

President Henry spoke on the topic of the new chapter name, as addressed in an e-mail from Don Morton. Don states that it would not make sense to call ourselves an affiliate of ICC or NFPA, suggesting the name “Redwood Empire Building Officials – REBO”. Mike Enright suggested Building Officials of the Redwood Empire (BORE). Ed said that the membership consists of building officials, fire officials and others, (which we encourage more of) and suggested Redwood Empire Code Administrators (RECA). ICC does not require a member chapter’s name to include ICC reference. Other suggestions discussed included CORE – Code Officials of the Redwood Empire, RECO - Redwood Empire Code Officials, CARE - Code Administrators of the Redwood Empire, and finally, Ed offered Code Administrators of California . Larry will check to see what may be available for website domain names. A discussion of the voting process as stated in the by-laws concluded that majority of the members present will vote to decide the name change, and Ed stated that the vote will be scheduled to occur at the meeting in Petaluma in August.

Ed reported on the Lead Poisoning Seminar, stating that everyone should know that if there is no Environmental Health Department in their jurisdiction, then there is a good chance that the Building Official has the responsibility for enforcement of the new law (SB 460).

Ed asked Steve Jensen to speak on the adoption of a resolution by the Marin County Board of Supervisors to support the adoption of the IBC/IRC/IFC.

e. Executive Committee

The transition meeting has not been held yet. We are going to wait until after the state's adoption process has been completed.

f. Education Committee

No report

g. Code Development Committee

No report.

h. ICBO Liaison

No report.

i. CALBO Liaison

Chris Warrick is expected to report at our next meeting on the annual meeting of the County Building Officials organization.

j. Location Committee

Daryl and Ed reported changes to the scheduled meeting locations:

July 1, is changed from the Ukiah, and will be held at Josef’s in Santa Rosa
August 5, Lund’s in Petaluma, unconfirmed
September 3, Ukiah – TBA
October 7, Marin Joe’s in Corte Madera - unconfirmed

5. Correspondence and Announcements

Lee Braun referenced an article written by an attorney describing the role of the Building Official. Guy Bachellis mentioned that there will be a Green Building Expo at Sonoma State University on Saturday, June 7.

6. Old Business

Daryl Phillips reported that the County Building Officials conference in San Diego was cold, the food was excellent, in all it was a good event. Chris Warrick was elected to the Board, and it was decided to have next year’s conference in Santa Rosa. Steve Jensen said there will be a training day during the conference.

7. New Business

Several members mentioned that their local jurisdictions have passed resolutions in support of CBSC adoption of the I codes, and have forwarded them to state reps and agencies. Lee Braun stated that the grass roots effort being put forth by such activity is beginning to make a difference and appears to have a good chance for success. The timetable for the state process was discussed, and it was stated that, in addition to sending correspondence to the four agencies that will be recommending to the Commission, we should also contact our elected state legislators in the senate and assembly and Governor Davis. It was proposed that REICBO also send a formal letter in support of the IBC/IRC/IFC.

M/s/Passed unanimously for the Chapter Secretary to send the letter petitioning such support. To view the letter go here.

8. Legislative News


9. Code Issues

The Pex piping decision is now under appeal and use may be allowed for now, but only as an “alternative material” on a case by case basis and after written request by the applicant. Tom Luhmann stated a concern that the Pex piping should not have prolonged exposure to sunlight, specifically referring to stub-outs from slabs.

There was discussion of the fabric covered membrane structures that are now appearing in a driveway near you, and whether any jurisdictions have adopted specific ordinances regulating same.

10. Adjournment

M/s/Passed motion to adjourn at 1:07 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Tom Carlton