Minutes of the Meeting of Tuesday - June 1, 2004


1. Call to order

President Bill Schulze (Placer County), called the meeting to order at 12:10 P.M. at Josef’s of Santa Rosa

2. Self Introductions

President Schulze welcomed 19 attendees and called for self-introductions.

3. Approval of Minutes

Minutes for the April 6, 2004, meeting were posted at the website ( and e-mailed.

M(Daryl Phillips)/S(Ed Henry)/Passed to accept the minutes as distributed by e-mail.

4. Officers and Committee Reports

a. Treasurer

Mike Enright (City of Santa Rosa) reported that the balance of the checking account was $10,226.03 and the balance of the CD was $11,500.00.

b. Secretary

No report.

c. Vice President

No report.

d. President

President Schulze welcomed Cindy Heitzman and Lee Braun and announced that they would both be recognized during the program.

e. Executive Committee

No report.

f. Education Committee

No report.

g. Code Coordination Committee

No report.

h. ICC Liaison

No report.

i. CALBO Liaison

Dave Martinez reported on DSA accessibility changes that are due to be released in the near future. Concern was expressed about the potential low threshold for triggering the requirements. Members were directed to the DSA web site for additional details.

j. Location Committee

Vice President Phillips presented the following schedule:

July 13            Petaluma Cattlemens
August 3         Osake Japanese Restaurant (Santa Rosa)
September 7    Washoe House


k. Donations Committee

Vice President Phillips presented a request from the Jewish Community Free Clinic and the fund drive being conducted for a building in Cotati. Discussion was held concerning the details of the request and it was noted that the clinic would serve those in need regardless of background.

M(Daryl Phillips)/S(Guy Bachelis)/Passed to donate $500.00 to the Building Fund of the Jewish Community Free Clinic of Sonoma County.

5. Correspondence and Announcements

No report.

6. Legislative News

Steve Jensen reported that there has been a discussion about whether codes for the urban-wildland interface should be more prescriptive or more performance-based. Ultimately the proposed standards will be submitted to the Building Standards Commission. Ted Thorhaug inquired about the status of Class “A” wood shingles. Steve noted that the rating generally applies to the entire roof assembly and could include wood components.

7. Code Issues

Ted Thorhaug advised that he had verified that it is inaccurate not to use the omega factor when calculating the working stress for overturning in rigid or brace (steel) frames. Ted has information available at MKM.

Mike Enright reported that the work of an engineer that has been placed on probation by the State Board requires a co-signer.

Steve Buffenbarger presented a question about the trigger points for accessibility requirements for a commercial kitchen sink improvement. The consensus of the group was that there are exemptions if the work is limited to plumbing and mechanical items.

8. Old Business

Dave Martinez distributed some proposed letterhead designs. Sal Lucido noted that he had a contact who would be willing to do some pro bono work on the initial design with the Chapter bearing the cost of any modifications. President Schulze asked Sal to follow-up with the offer and report back to the appropriate representatives in the Chapter.

Daryl Phillips provided a report on the annual meeting of the County Building Officials Association of California. The Hospitality Suite was good, but unfortunately most Chapter members were unable to attend due to the timing.

Sal Lucido reported that Jerry Parks of the Western Wood Preservative Institute would be providing the program at the next meeting (7/13/04) on new wood preservatives.

9. Program

President Schulze reintroduced Cindy Heitzman and Lee Braun to recognize their many contributions to the Chapter over the years.

Cindy was presented with a plaque for her role “in putting us back together.” Her work in establishing a facilitated meeting to discuss the future of the Chapter was highlighted. Cindy described her new position as Executive Director of the California Preservation Foundation. She also expressed her desire to remain involved in the Chapter.

Lee was presented with a plaque for his tireless activity at the state and local level pertaining to code development. Lee was also recognized for always being willing to help a colleague in the building or fire code arenas. Lee reported that he is currently a code consultant to the legal community.

10. New Business

Dave Martinez announced that the City of Santa Rosa was in the process of recruiting five positions, including two building inspectors.

Mike Enright noted that the County of Sonoma would be recruiting for the new position of Building Manager.

John Zanzi reported that Todd Cunningham would become the full-time Building Official for the City of Cotati on July 1, 2004. Consequently, the City of Sebastopol plans to test for a Deputy Building Official in the near future.

11. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Doug Williams