Minutes of the Meeting of Tuesday - April 5, 2005


1. Call to order

President Daryl Phillips (The Phillips Group) called the meeting to order at 12:15 P.M. at the Marin Joe’s Restaurant in Corte Madera.

2. Self Introductions

Vice President Williams welcomed the 29 attendees and called for self-introductions.

3. Approval of Minutes

Minutes for the March 8, 2005, meeting were posted at the web site and e-mailed.
M/S/Passed to accept the minutes as posted.

4. Officers and Committee Reports

a. Treasurer

DeWayne Starnes (County of Sonoma) – Reported the balances for the checking account as $7,102.03 and for the CD as $11,608.19.

b. Secretary

Michael Enright (City of Santa Rosa) – No report due to presentation.

c. Vice President

Doug Williams (Rincon Valley Fire) – No report due to presentation. Doug did remind everyone that the State Fire Marshal will be attending the June REACO meeting.

d. President

Daryl Phillips (The Phillips Group) – No report due to presentation.

e. Executive Committee

Did not meet. No report

f. Education Committee

Did not meet. No report.

g. Code Coordination Committee

Did not meet. No report.

h. ICC Liaison

No report.

i. CALBO Liaison

No report.

j. Location Committee

No report. (The next meeting will be at the Cotati Fire Station. RSVP’s will be requested since it will be a BBQ and not at a restaurant).

k. Donations Committee

    No report.

5. Correspondence and Announcements

No correspondence.

Lee Braun announced that he is now Belvedere’s Building Official.

Mike Enright announced that Michael Whitaker has been hired as Santa Rosa’s Building Official. Michael Whitaker’s first day is April 25.

Representatives from Berryman & Henigar and LP2A announced that both of their companies are now part of Bureau Veritas / U S Labs.

Guy Bachelis asked if anyone would like some old code books. Contact him if you are interested. Guy also passed around a copy of the Energy Users News Magazine and suggested that we might be interested in subscribing to it.

6. Legislative News

No news.

7. Code Issues

Steve Pestell had sent an e-mail to the Chapter members the previous week asking about the implications of providing a larger than standard hole in the sill plate for an anchor bolt. Ted Thorhaug provided information to those in attendance at the meeting, including an analysis of the structural issues related to the size of the hole in the sill plate. Items of concern include wall overturning forces, edge distances, NDS design values, use of nails vs. screws, sill plate covers (Simpson, among other manufacturers, has a product to use when the hole on the sill plate is too large or doesn’t line up with the anchor bolt), washer size and epoxy retrofit bolts.

8. Old Business


9. Program

Representatives from Hardy Frames, Inc gave a well received presentation about their products and how they are used in place of wood shear walls. You can get more information at the company’s website, (no gap between words and frame instead of frames). Hardy Frames is now a subsidiary of MiTek Industries.

10. New Business

Keith Angerman – Passed out a survey. He is requesting information from other agencies to find out what they charge stop work orders and other fees.

11. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 1:44 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Michael Enright