Minutes of the Meeting of Wednesday March 6, 2002

1. Call to order

President Chris Warrick, County of Mendocino called the meeting was called to order at 12:03 P.M. at Cattleman's Restaurant in Santa Rosa.

2. Self Introductions

Pres. Warrick welcomed 22 members and guests and Bruce Hammond from the Redwood Empire Green Building Council.

3. Approval of Minutes

The minutes were not contested. Everyone seemed to be satisfied with the current policy of mailing the minutes and posting them to our web site. (
M/s/Passed to accept the minutes as distributed.

4. Program

Vice Pres. Fagalde introduced Bruce Hammond of the Redwood Empire Green Building Council and he presented a comprehensive program on sustainable building practice and material. He informed the group on the benefits of high volume fly ash concrete as opposed to conventional concrete. He spoke of the pound for pound reduction of CO2 emissions using the fly ash concrete. He reported on the approval agencies now recognized, such as PATH, the Partnership Advancing Technology in Housing, and LEED, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which is the most accepted testing and approval agency. He explained construction he has had experience with and the analysis of the structure for over all savings in production pollution by the use of sustainable materials. He showed the savings in heating and cooling cost by the use of insulated panels and other types of construction such as straw bales. He said that if 20 percent of the new houses in Sonoma County were sustainable, all of the housing stock in Sonoma County would escalate in value. He brought a large amount of educational material and actual building materials with him and spoke on the commitment it would take for the green building concept to take hold in California. Countries around the world, Canada being one, are reviewing initiatives and adopting policies to review all building materials for over all energy consumption and pollution in production and the savings over the life of the product for sustainability and replacement costs.

5. Officers and Committee Reports

a. Treasurer

Treasurer Willer reported that in the business interest account we have $1,712.22, in the business money market account we have $2711.92, in the education account $3625.45 and in the CD account there is $11,181.18.

b. Secretary

The secretary reported he bought a new recorder to replace the micro recorder and wished to be reimbursed for the $42.12 he spent for the equipment. Since the reimbursement of up to $100.00 was approved at the February meeting, Joe Willer paid the secretary and Scott Ward, City of Healdsburg, complimented the secretary for holding the cost down. Once again if your address information is in error send a correction to

c. Vice President

Vice President Mary Jane Fagalde asked the members to give suggestions for any educational or informational programs they would like to have presented in the coming year. The V. P. is scheduling the speakers in the next few weeks.

d. President

President Warrick has nothing to report.

e. Executive Committee

Pres. Warrick reported on a letter he wrote to the CALBO committee to elect Doug Williams as Fire Chief of the Year.

f. Education Committee

Ed Henry, County of Marin reported that there are no educational programs scheduled. He is researching the courses and seminars offered by various groups and will present a list of programs by the CTI for the members to indicate what they prefer for the coming year. If anyone has any suggestions please email them to

g. Code Development Committee

Don Morton that a meeting was scheduled immediately following this meeting and any decisions or suggestions will be made at the next meeting. Larry Jones, City of Santa Rosa, Joe Willer, City of American Canyon, Cindy Heitzman, City of St. Helena, and Scott Ward volunteered.  

h. ICBO Committee

Nothing to Report.

i. CALBO Liaison

Steve Jensen, County of Marin, reported that the CALBO annual business meeting is scheduled for March 11-15, at the Double Tree Hotel in Mission Valley near San Diego, in Southern California.

6. Correspondence and Announcements

Pres. Warrick reported on a letter he received from the Monterey Bay Chapter of the ICBO requesting a donation for the hosting of the 41st CALBO annual business meeting February 25-28, 2003. After some discussion, M / s / Passed to donate $500.00 to the Monterey Bay Chapter. He directed the secretary to respond to the request and sent the check to the chapter. Cindy Heitzman, City of St. Helena, reported on the Fire Protection Officers meeting in Santa Rosa.

7. Legislative News

Steve Jensen, County of Marin, reported that a bill is currently being considered to allow City and Counties to propose amendments to change the California State Building Standards Code. Additional information shall be provided in support of the change.

8. Nominating Committee

Cindy Heitzman, City of St. Helena, and Eric Seabrook, The Phillips Group, are the nominating committee members for the coming year.

9. Old Business

Cindy Heitzman, City of St. Helena, reported on our by law changes.

10. New Business

Nothing to report.

11. Code Issues

Ron Averiette brought a plan showing a townhouses with property lines and the garages for the townhouses turned 90 degrees and constructed over two of the units property lines. After a lengthy discussion it was the consensus of the group that the structure could not be built as submitted.

Scott Ward asked if any jurisdictions were raising their permit fees and specifically their utility permit fees (water heater, furnace, etc.)? Marin County Just passed an ordinance raising minimum permit fees to $65.00.

12. Adjournment

M/s/Passed to adjourn the meeting at 1:29 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Ed Henry