Minutes of the Meeting of Wednesday February 6, 2002

1. Call to order

President Chris Warrick, County of Mendocino called the meeting was called to order at 12:05 P.M. at Cattleman's Restaurant in Santa Rosa.

2. Self Introductions

Pres. Warrick welcomed 21 members and guests and each introduced him/herself.

3. Approval of Minutes

The secretary advised all of the members that did not receive their minutes to provide him with a valid email address. And for the time being they can view the current minutes and agenda at our new website located at the following link. (
M/s/Passed to accept the minutes as distributed.

4. Program

Pres. Warrick then introduced John LaTorra to install the officers for the coming year. Mr. LaTorra gave a moving introduction and then described the duties and the responsibilities for each officer and performed the installation. Mr. LaTorra presented the current president and the past president with chapter pins from the I.C.B.O. and commented on the value of the pins. At the end of the installation Pres. Warrick thanked Mr. LaTorra for coming to the Redwood Chapter for the installation and then presented Joe Willer with a plaque of appreciation for his service on the board and presidency for the chapter.

5. Officers and Committee Reports

a. Treasurer

Treasurer Willer reported that in the business interest account we have $1307.47, in the business money market account we have $2711.92, in the education account $3646.93 and in the CD account there is $11,105.00.

b. Secretary

The secretary reported that for the next six months he would continue to send the minutes out by email and post them to our new website at . He requested everyone to check the website for their accurate email address and if the address is not correct to send a correction to

c. Vice President

Vice President Mary Jane Fagalde asked the members to give suggestions for any educational or informational programs they would like to have presented in the coming year. The V. P. is scheduling the speakers in the next few weeks.

d. President

President Warrick has nothing to report.

e. Executive Committee

Nothing to report.

f. Education Committee

Ed Henry, County of Marin reported that there are no educational programs scheduled. He is researching the courses and seminars offered by various groups and will present a list of programs by the CTI for the members to indicate what they prefer for the coming year. I anyone has any suggestions please email them to

g. Code Development Committee

Don Morton indicated that any code changes at this point would be difficult to research as the state is unsure of which code it is going to adopt. However there are amendments to the current code will be adopted at the next code change. Mr. Morton asked for volunteers to assist him in researching the current proposed changes. Larry Jones, City of Santa Rosa, Joe Willer, City of American Canyon, Cindy Heitzman, City of St. Helena, and Steve Clark volunteered.

h. ICBO Committee

John LaTorra, City of Redwood City, reported that this time next year will see the dissolution of the International Conference of Building Officials and the merger of the three code writing bodies into the International Code Conference. Mr. LaTorra was questioning who the officers of the new corporation are going to be and where the corporation headquarters are. Mr. LaTorra explained that another chapter wrote to the current office of the ICC and asked to be included as a chapter of the ICC. He also was wondering the process for the code changes and how the building officials would be involved. Right now all of these questions are unanswered. He spoke of the attorney general for the state and his opinion of the ordinance adopted by the City of Pasadena. Mr. LaTorra spoke on the possibility of a corporation like ICC having a lobby for the code adoption process and also discussed the restriction of lobby for a nonprofit organization such as I.C.B.O.

i. CALBO Liaison

Steve Jensen, County of Marin, reported that the CALBO annual business meeting is scheduled for March 11-15, at the Double Tree Hotel in Mission Valley near San Diego, in Southern California. He recommends that you get your reservation in as soon as possible as all of the lesser expensive rooms are already taken and only the more expensive remain. Transportation is right across the street from the Double Tree and will take you right into downtown San Diego.

6. Correspondence and Announcements

Cindy Heitzman, City of St. Helena, announced that the CTI has just mail out flyers announcing the courses to be offered in the near future. Some of the courses and seminars will be offered at a local level where others are only offered during education week. If enough interest is shown the education committee will try to schedule informative programs.

Cindy Heitzman, City of St. Helena, announced that the California Preservation Association is holding its annual conference in Santa Rosa, May 2-5, and is offering class and seminars on historical codes and preservation. If you are interested, contact Cindy Heitzman on our website, which is

7. Legislative News

Nothing to report.

8. Nominating Committee

Cindy Heitzman, City of St. Helena, and Eric Seabrook, The Phillips Group, volunteered to make up the nominating committee for the coming year.

9. Old Business

The committee on bylaws, Dave Martinez, Lee Braun, Joe Willer, Bill Schultze, Cindy Heitzman and Wayne Wirick checked with ICBO and our bylaws are not in conflict with the ICBO Chapter requirements and the ICC will accept us as a chapter without any change in our bylaws. The ICC needs a letter of request to be accepted as a chapter of the ICC. A discussion ensued concerning the Redwood Chapter of the I.C.B.O. petitioning and joining the ICC. The committee is still asking for comments on bylaw changes.

10. New Business

Ed Henry, County of Marin, explained why the old recorder is now obsolete and pleaded for an up to date cassette recorder. After a substantial amount of discussion it was m/s/passed to allow the secretary to spend up to $100.00 on a new recorder.

Joe Willer, City of American Canyon, will be sending out a membership renewal form for the members to fill our with all of the updated information such as mailing address, and email address.

11. Code Issues

Bill Schulze, Town of Windsor, asked how many jurisdictions in the chapter regulate wood burning stoves. Petaluma and Windsor both have ordinances for wood stoves and the EPA approvals need to install them.

Chris Warrick, County of Mendocino, asked if other jurisdictions are permitting the use of plastic DWV for structures in excess of two stories. The opinion appeared to differ on the acceptance of the state code regulation limiting DWV plastic to residential construction, two stories in height. Discussion then took place concerning the definition of a story and the pipe installation requirements.

Bill Talley, Talley Construction Direction asked how the various departments were certifying steel placement in foundations when the construction took place without a permit. The consensus was to require an engineer to review and certify the foundation for the imposed loads.

Steve Clark, Independent, asked about the public health regulation regarding accessibility for public pools and who enforces the state requirement.

12. Adjournment

M/s/Passed to adjourn the meeting at 1:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Ed Henry