Minutes of the Meeting of Tuesday, February 4, 2003


1. Call to order

President Ed Henry, County of Marin, called the meeting to order at 12:30 P.M. at Lund's Café, Petaluma.

2. Self Introductions

President Henry welcomed 30 members and called for self-introductions. Secretary Tom Carlton was unable to attend the meeting, Vice President Bill Schulze recorded the minutes.

3. Approval of Minutes

Minutes were posted at the website prior to the meeting. For a copy of the corrected minutes go to the website at (

M/s/Passed to accept the minutes.

4. Officers and Committee Reports

a. Treasurer

Treasurer Daryl Phillips reported the balances of all accounts and reported a total ending balance of $ 20,007.18.

b. Secretary

No report.

c. Vice President

No report.

d. President

President Henry thanked those who covered the January meeting in his absence.

e. Executive Committee

Has not met, but will set an executive meeting for the transition.

f. Education Committee

The committee members present were Cindy Heitzman, Daryl Phillips, Ed Henry, Pat Barnes and Larry Jones.

Cindy Heitzman, Saint Helena, reported on the ATC 20 seminar 85 people attended. Cindy thanked Dave Martinez, Santa Rosa for teaching, Larry Jones, Santa Rosa for Moderating, and Pat Barns, Coastland Engineering for hosting lunch and breaks. Cindy has contacted CALBO will report later of the total money the chapter will receive.

Daryl Phillips, The Phillips Group, reported on the California Building Code update seminars which REICBO will sponsor in February and March. He stated that enrollment has been lower than expected. The committee will talk on Friday February 7, 2003, to decide on how to proceed. Review of the March seminars will be monitored closely during the next month. Structural, presented by Jerry Neville, will be March 20th and 21st.

Cindy Heitzman reported that she received a grant request from Lee Braun Rohnert Park, in the amount of $325.00 to cover registration for the CALBO ABM in Monterey. Lee will give a complete update to REICBO at the March meeting. M/s/Passed to sponsor Lee Braun.

g. Code Development Committee

No report.

h. ICBO Liaison

No report.

i. CALBO Liaison

No report.

j. Location Committee

Daryl Phillips reported the following meeting locations:

March 4, Josef's at Railroad Square, Santa Rosa
April 1, Ring's at the Embassy Suites, San Rafael
May 6, Sonoma area TBA
June 3, Marin Joe's, Corte Madera
July 1, Ukiah area TBA

PLEASE NOTE: Meetings are held on first TUESDAYS.

5. Correspondence and Announcements

No Correspondence.

6. Old Business

Dave Martinez asked that REICBO consider hosting the CALBO ABM in 2007. Information was handed out.

Chris Warrick raised the issue of changing the name of REICBO, since ICBO will change to ICC soon. Lee Braun made a motion to change the name to Redwood Empire Association of Building Officials (REABO). After discussion the motion was withdrawn and President Ed Henry asked that this item be disused at the March Meeting. Members should come with Name ideas and prepared to discuss the issue.

7. New Business

Daryl Phillips asked for interest in holding a meeting at a local winery that has a wine cave. Daryl will look into locations and report back.

Chris Warrick reported that he has requested a building permit be issued for a wine cave in his area. The applicant filed an appeal to the Board of Supervisors and the hearing date is February 11, 2003, 1:30PM in Ukiah. Discussion followed on the uses and occupancy requirements for wine caves. See "Breaking News" for latest update regarding this issue. 

8. Legislative News

Daryl asked about Guardrail information covered in the January meeting. "Building Standards," November-December 2002 issue has an article on this issue.

Cindy Heitzman reported that AB 1866 deals with second units and state-mandated rules.

9. Code Issues

Joe Willer reported as a follow-up to the overhang at ATMs the minimum head height is 80 inches which is specified in CBC section 1133B.8.6 Protruding Objects.

Cliff Kendall, Petaluma, showed a sample of a guardrail cap being used as a handrail with intermediates at 4" OC. Discussion followed as to the acceptability or if a separate handrail needed to be attached.

Bill Tally talked about three story living units and if the third story is greater than 500 sq. ft. a second exit is required.

Ed Henry asked about a gas station replacing islands only and the accessibility for the entire site. Discussion followed.

10. Adjournment

Steve Jensen reported that the state Fire Marshal's office had created a Fire and Life Safety Committee. Steve Jensen and Lee Braun have been appointed to represent Building Officials.

M/s/Passed motion to adjourn at 1:55PM.

Respectfully submitted by Tom Carlton