Minutes of the Meeting of Tuesday - January 4, 2005


1. Call to order

President Daryl Phillips (The Phillips Group) called the meeting to order at 12:05 P.M. at the Petaluma Cattlemens.

2. Self Introductions

President Phillips welcomed 21 attendees and called for self-introductions.

3. Approval of Minutes

Minutes for the December 7 2004, meeting were posted at the web site and e-mailed.
M/S/Passed to accept the minutes as posted.

4. Officers and Committee Reports

a. Treasurer

2004 Treasurer Mike Enright (City of Santa Rosa) reported that the balance as of 12/16/04 for the checking account was $6,822.48 and for the CD was $11,579.93. Mike provided a summary of the 2004 income and expenses. The Chapter Expenses during 2004 were $8,747.91 and Income was $5,569.60 for a net change of -$3,178.31. The Certificate of Deposit accumulated $119.86 in interest that was not included in the income stated above. The major expenses being 2004 ICC ABM attendance, donations and no charge for the December meeting if you paid your annual dues at the meeting.

b. Secretary

No report.

c. Vice President

No report.

d. President

No report.

e. Executive Committee

No report.

f. Education Committee

Ed Henry, County of Marin, announced that he does not have the new date yet for the class on accessibility standards.

g. Code Coordination Committee

No report.

h. ICC Liaison

No report.

i. CALBO Liaison

No report. (But as of 1/19/05 Steve Jensen, City of Napa, is a CALBO representative on the Building Standards Commission).

j. Location Committee

Daryl Phillips, The Phillips Group, announced that the proposed 2005 meeting locations will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and announced at the next meeting.

k. Donations Committee

     No report. Daryl Phillips will be following up on a donation requested by an agency in Cotati that was          discussed at a previous REACO meeting.

5. Correspondence and Announcements

2005 CALBO Meeting is at the end of February / early March in Yosemite. Daryl Phillips said that he would be attending and asked if any others would be going.

Ed Henry announced that the Steve Jensen retirement / going way lunch will be on January 10 (He retired from Marin County but is starting a new job as the Building Official for the City of Napa).

The County Building Officials Association of California (CBOAC) meeting is at Lake Tahoe in May.

6. Legislative News


7. Code Issues

Steve Buffenbarger, City of Sausalito, asked about Tactile Exit Signs and the size requirements. He wanted to know if anyone had more specific information than the general size requirements in CBC Section 1117B.5.5. No conclusive answer was provided.

Joe Willer, City of American Canyon, asked about accessible room requirements when a hotel was only upgrading a portion of their rooms. Do a percentage of the upgraded rooms have meet accessibility requirements? General consensus was that you shave to take the entire offering of rooms available in the hotel. If there are already accessible rooms for what the hotel was upgrading these rooms to, then the new rooms may not have to be accessible. If the hotel is creating a new room type, then the new units have to meet the percentage of accessible rooms requirements.

Chuck Setterland, Setterland & Associates, asked about the Local Agency Adoption of the
Emergency Structural Amendments adopted by the Building Standards Commission for State Agency regulated buildings.  No local agency in the REACO chapter has adopted those amendments.  Sal Lucido stated that agencies in the Peninsula / East Bay area had adopted those amendments and agencies in the Peninsula, East Bay and Monterey chapters of ICC (led by the City of San Jose through the efforts of Ben Yousefi and Amal Sinha) adopted similar amendments to those adopted in Southern California via the Los Angeles Regional Uniform Code Program (LARUCP).  The State amendments represented the consensus (compromise) of the Northern and Southern California amendments and went into effect for State Buildings late last year (November 7th, 2003).

8. Old Business


9. Program

Daryl Phillips proposed potential changes to REACO during 2005.

Committees - The Executive Committee will be looking out changing the committee structure and membership to better reflect the current needs of REACO. Some committees can bb eliminated, others will have their functions modified, and he will look at keeping the committee members actively involved in the committees. Discussion ensued about the various committees with most of the conversation focusing on the Education Committee. Ed Henry suggested that the chapter could provide more training opportunities. There was discussion about the ability of the Chapter to provide CEUs (Continuing Education Units). The general consensus was that the Chapter couldn’t but the Chapter could partner with other organizations that could offer the CEUs. Glenn Schainblatt, City of Sebastopol, Joe Willer and Ron Averiette, City of Novato, volunteered for the Education Committee.

Future Programs – Potential topics are Special Inspections, Structural Design Basics, ICC and OSHPD.

10. New Business

DeWayne Starnes, County of Sonoma, suggested that the Chapter might want to host a Golf Fund Raiser. Other chapters and organizations have raised considerable amounts of money and used them for Scholarship programs.

Doug Williams, Rincon Valley Fire Protection District (and Chapter Vice President), suggested working with the Fire Protection Officers Association for future education opportunities.

Daryl Phillips suggested that the Chapter may want to host another CALBO ABM since Santa Rosa now has the “new” convention center and more hotel rooms available. The Chapter previously hosted the 1999 CALBO ABM in Rohnert Park.

11. Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 1:45 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Michael Enright